1.10. Precautionary measures when using of seat belts

The driver and all adult passengers, and also rather big children who can be fastened correctly belts have to be always fastened by seat belts.

Observance of elementary security measures can minimize risk of receiving serious injuries in case of the road accident.

Babies and children of younger age

In some countries use of child seats for transportation of babies and children of younger age in the car is obligatory. Irrespective of whether it is required by rules or not, use of a child seat or the holding device for babies and children of younger age, the weighing less than 18 kg is strongly recommended.

Children of advanced age

Children to whom child seats became small should be seated on back sitting and to fasten the combined safety zone shoulder strap. A zone shoulder strap it is necessary to tighten and arrange hardly it so that it passed below an abdominal cavity, and it was located below the top part of a pelvic bone. Periodically check a seat belt tension. If the child of advanced age (13 years are more senior) is on sitting of the forward passenger, it has to be reliably fastened by a seat belt. Under no circumstances it is not allowed that the child stood on sitting or was on a lap.

In case of the road accident it is the safest to be for children in a child seat established on back sitting.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women are recommended to use the seat belts which are available in the car for decrease in risk of traumatizing, both the woman, and her future child in case of the road accident. The zone seat belt has to settle down across hips, as low as possible an abdominal cavity, and will tighten as it is possible more densely, but at all not across a waist.

The injured people

When transporting of the injured people it is necessary to use seat belts.

One person has to be fastened by one seat belt

Use of one seat belt by two passengers is not allowed (including children). It increases risk of getting injured in case of the road accident.

Do not adopt the lying provision

For decrease in risk of traumatizing, and also for ensuring maximum efficiency of a security system, all passengers have to be in a sitting position and backs of front seats have to is in the most vertical position at the movement of the car. The seat belt will not be able to provide necessary protection if the passenger lies on back sitting or the back of forward sitting is strongly inclined.


Sitting with the inclined back or stay in lying situation during the movement of the car can be very dangerous. When the back of sitting is inclined even if you are fastened, the seat belt will not be able to execute the mission. The shoulder strap will not be effective as it will not be able to hold your body. Instead it will be located before you. In case of the road accident it will crash into you that can lead to severe injuries of area of a neck or other consequences. The zone belt will also not be effective. In case of the road accident it can crash to you into a stomach, but not into coxofemoral bones. It can lead to serious internal injuries.
The seat belt provides the maximum protection if the back of sitting is in strictly vertical position.