1.11. Care of seat belts

It is not allowed to remove or enter changes into the system of seat belts. In addition, it is necessary to watch that seat belts and details relating to them were not damaged by loops of seats, doors or during misuse.

At return of a back of back sitting to vertical position be careful, do not damage a tape or the lock of a seat belt. Make sure that you did not press or did not jam a tape or the lock of a seat belt back sitting.

Periodic check of seat belts

It is recommended to check all seat belts for lack of cuts, wear and a razlokhmachivaniye of a tape of a belt, and also cracks and deformation of their metal details periodically. Replace as soon as possible the belts having defects.

You contain seat belts pure and dry

It is necessary to contain seat belts pure and dry. In case of pollution of seat belts they should be cleared the neutral detergent dissolved in warm water. Do not try to bleach, recolour belts or to use strong detergents or abrasive materials for cleaning of belts as it will lead to their damage and will weaken material of a tape of belts.

In what cases it is necessary to replace seat belts

After any accident all seat belts, and also inertial coils and the mounting of belts, have to be replaced. It needs to be made even if no visible damages of seat belts are revealed.