1.12. The fastenings of seat belts of front seats regulated on height

Height of fastening of a seat belt of forward sitting can be adjusted in one of 4 provisions.

Arrangement of the blocking button and the direction of movement for adjustment of height of the top fastening of a belt

Regulating fastening of a seat belt, establish it at sufficient height to provide dense contact of a belt with your shoulder and in too time that NOT belt TOUCHED a neck.

To adjust height of fastening of a belt press heights of fastening of a seat belt the blocking button and move down or up fastening of a belt to desirable situation which provides dense contact of a belt with your shoulder. For fixing of fastening of a belt release the blocking button. After you released the blocking button, try to move fastenings of a seat belt down or up to be convinced that fastening is reliably recorded in this situation.


Fastening of a seat belt has to be recorded during the movement of the car.
The wrong adjustment of height of a seat belt can reduce efficiency of a seat belt in case of the road accident.