1.2. Keys

For bigger convenience all locks of your car can be unlocked one key. However as doors can be blocked without use of a key, it is recommended to carry with itself a spare key, on a case if you incidentally lock a key in own car.

The keys unlocking everything car locks

Number of a key

That strangers could not learn number of your key, this number is beaten out not on the key, and on the removed number plate. You store a number plate in the safe place separately from keys out of the car. Number of a key should be written down also in the place where you will be able to use it in case of need.

New keys can be ordered from any official dealer of HYUNDAI, having provided it numbers of necessary keys. For safety, it is necessary to remove from a key a number metal plate after receiving the car by you. Moreover, HYUNDAI does not provide number of keys for safety reasons. If you need an additional key or if you lost keys, your official dealer of HYUNDAI can make for you a new key.

Plate arrangement with code number of keys


If you make an own twirl, you will not be able to disconnect system or to start the engine.