1.29. Heater of back glass

Arrangement of the button of inclusion of a heater of back glass

The heater is intended for elimination of hoarfrost, fogging and frosting of back glass in and outside of the car. For inclusion of a heater ignition has to be included.

The heater will join when pressing the button of a heater of back glass.

The heater of back glass will be switched off automatically in 15 min. or at switching off of ignition.

If it is necessary to switch off a heater, again press the heater button. If on back glass there is a large amount of snow, then before inclusion of a heater it is necessary to remove snow.


For the purpose of prevention of damages of the flat conductors of heating of glass which are on back glass never use sharp objects or abrasive cleaners for cleaning of a window.
The heater of back glass works only at the working engine.