1.38. Hatch

Hatch inclination

The hatch can be opened and closed manually.

1. Pull the handle down and then forward and up as shown shooters in the drawing.
2. Press in the center of the handle to fix the hatch in open situation.
3. After a hatch inclination, be convinced that the handle is fixed on the place.

Closing of the hatch

1. Pull the handle on yourself.
2. After the hatch was closed, fix the handle on the place.
3. Make sure that the hatch and the handle are reliably closed.


Do not open the hatch at very low temperature of air or if it is covered with ice or snow.
Before opening the hatch, remove from it water drops, snow, ice or sand.

Removal of the hatch

1. Before removal of the hatch, remove a sun-protection blind.
2. Completely extend the handle down.
3. Press handles in the basis that they left the openings.
The directions of pressing handles in the handle basis, for their conclusion from openings at removal of the hatch.
4. Lift hatch glass outside of the car until it rises perpendicular to the roof panel.
Hatch raising at its removal from the car.
5. Remove the hatch from the roof panel.

Installation of the hatch

1. Implant flat pads into cuts. After that, supporting the hatch by hands, slowly lower it.
Installation sites of flat pads in a cut at installation of the hatch on the car.
2. Make sure that both pads are reliably recorded in cuts.
3. Press handles in the basis and insert them into openings.


Do not try to establish or remove the hatch during the movement of the car.
Do not begin the movement if you are not sure that the hatch is reliably fixed.

Storage of the hatch and sun-protection blind

In the luggage compartment there is a bag for storage of the hatch. Place the hatch or a sun-protection blind in a bag and you store it in a luggage carrier.

In storage time of the hatch and a sun-protection blind in a bag, put the last over the hatch.