1.60. Ignition lock

Start of the engine

If your car HYUNDAI is equipped with the mechanical transmission, transfer the gear shifting lever to neutral situation and completely squeeze out a coupling pedal.

If your car HYUNDAI is equipped with the automatic transmission, transfer the selector to situation "P" ("Parking").

To start the engine insert a key into the lock of ignition and turn it in situation "START" ("Starter"). Release the ignition key at once after start of the engine. Do not hold the ignition key in position of "START" ("Starter") more than 15 pages.

For safety, the engine of the car cannot be started if the selector of the automatic transmission is not in situation "P" ("Parking") or "N" ("Neutral transfer") (only for cars with the automatic transmission).

Provisions of a key in the ignition switch

Provisions of a key in the ignition switch:

1 – LOCK (Blocking);
2 – ASS (additional equipment);
3 – ON (Is included);
4 – START (Starter)


Do not switch off the engine and do not take out a key from the ignition lock during the movement of the car. It will lead to blocking of a steering wheel, and the car will become uncontrollable.

START ("Starter")

Launch the engine turn of the ignition key in situation START. The engine will be turned by a starter, do not release yet a key which will return to position of ON. In this situation the control lamp of the brake system for check of work of a lamp will also light up. If the ignition key hardly turns in situation START, it can be caused by pressure of a shaft of a steering wheel upon the lock of the anti-theft device. For turn of a key turn a steering wheel for elimination of pressure upon the lock to the left-to the right and turn a key.

Do not hold the ignition key in the provision of "SART" ("Starter") more than 15 pages.

ON ("Is included")

If the key is in this situation, can check control lamps of the car. Thus, even before launch of the engine be convinced that all systems of the car are serviceable. As soon as launch the engine, the ignition key will return back to this situation and will remain in it during all operating time of the engine.

If the engine does not work for a long time, do not leave a key in position of ON because at the same time there is an unnecessary discharge of the rechargeable battery.

ASS ("Additional equipment)

At turn of a key in this situation there is an opportunity to turn on separate accessories of the car, for example, radio, screen wipers. The engine at the same time is switched off.

LOCK ("Blocking")

The shaft of a steering wheel is locked by the anti-theft device and the steering wheel cannot turn. So the car is protected from stealing. The key from the switch of ignition can be taken out only in this situation. At the models equipped with the automatic transmission at this provision of a key also the lever of switching of the modes in situation "P" is blocked (parking).


To unblock a steering wheel, insert a key into the ignition lock, and, having slightly turned a wheel, at the same time turn the ignition key.