1.64. Anti-blocking system of brakes


Before a start of motion after the parking, be convinced that the parking brake is switched off and that the control lamp of the brake system does not burn.

After the movement on water or washes of the car of a brake can become wet. Wet brakes are very dangerous as the car will not be able quickly to stop. To dry up brakes, slightly press them during the movement of the car until braking becomes normal, watching to losing control over the car.

You do not slide under a bias on neutral transfer. Always you hold transfer included in time of the movement of the car, use brakes to reduce car speed, after that include a low gear so that braking by the engine promoted maintenance of safe speed of the movement.

Avoid style of driving with frequent sharp braking. You do not hold the left leg on a brake pedal constantly during driving, it can be dangerous as it conducts to an overheat of brakes and loss of efficiency of their work. It also results in the increased wear of details of the brake system. If during the movement there was a tire puncture, slightly press a pedal of a brake and try to hold the car directly during reduction of speed. When you enough reduce speed, move down after the journey and completely stop the car in the safe place. If your car is equipped with the automatic transmission, do not allow slow movement of the car forward. For this purpose, when the car is stopped, hold a leg on a brake pedal.

Take precautionary measures at the parking on a bias. Turn on the parking brake and transfer the selector to situation "P" (the automatic transmission) or the gear shifting lever in neutral situation (the mechanical transmission). At the parking on a bias develop forward wheels towards a border to prevent rolling the car. At the parking on rise develop forward wheels from a border aside to prevent rolling the car. If the border is absent or it is necessary to prevent rolling the car for other reasons, block wheels.

In some conditions your parking brake can freeze in the included situation. It happens when around back brakes snow or ice accumulates or if back brakes wet. If is risk that the parking brake can freeze, include it only for a while until you move the selector to situation "P" (the automatic transmission) or the gear shifting lever in the provision of the first transfer or transfer of a backing thereby to block car wheels. After that switch off the parking brake.

Do not hold the car on a bias by means of an accelerator pedal. It can lead to a transmission overheat. Always use a pedal of a brake or the parking brake.


The anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS) prevents blocking of wheels at sharp braking or at movement along the road with an uneven covering. The electronic control unit anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS) traces the frequency of rotation of wheels of the car and regulates pressure of brake fluid in each working brake cylinder. Thereby, in emergencies or on the smooth road this system improves controllability of the car during braking.

In operating time of anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS) when braking on a pedal of a brake the weak pulsation can be felt. Also during the movement of the car you can hear noise in motor office. These phenomena are normal and indicate that the anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS) works correctly.
The anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS) will not be able to prevent the road accidents owing to the wrong or dangerous maneuvering. Though it also promotes improvement of controllability of the car during emergency brake application, always observe a safe distance from the car going ahead. Speed of the car needs to be reduced in adverse traffic conditions.
In the listed below cases the brake way of cars with the anti-blocking ABS brake system can be longer, than at cars without it:

– at the movement on the gravel roads and roads covered with snow;
– at the movement with the established antisliding chains;
– at the movement on roads on which surface there are roughnesses, holes, etc., on bumpy roads or other roads with a bad covering.

Speed of the movement along such roads has to be reduced. Do not check the safety ensured by the car equipped with anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS) by passing of turns or driving at high speeds as it can be dangerous to you and people around.