1.65. Economic driving

Following these instructions, you will be able to save fuel and to increase a run of your car without refueling:

– move smoothly and avoid sharp accelerations. Try to move with a constant speed and do not disperse before a stop;
– try to keep the speed of a transport stream to avoid excess change of speed. Whenever possible avoid driving in severe transportation terms. Always keep a safe distance to the ahead car to avoid excess braking. It also reduces wear of brake shoes;
– move with a moderate speed. The car speed is higher, the more it spends fuels. The movement with a moderate speed, especially on high-speed highways, is one of the most effective ways to cut fuel consumption;
– you do not hold a leg on a pedal of a brake or coupling. It will lead to increase in fuel consumption, and also to increase in wear of details of these knots. Moreover, keeping of your leg on a brake pedal constantly during driving will lead to an overheat of brakes and loss of efficiency of their work that can lead to more serious consequences;
– you watch tires of your car, support the recommended air pressure in tires. The wrong pressure of air in tires, too small or too big, results in their premature wear. Check air pressure in tires at least once a month;
– check the angles of installation of wheels as the wrong angles of installation of wheels can result in strong wear in the form of spots ("bald spots") on a protector. It can also result in the increased wear of tires and increase in fuel consumption;
– you do not transport excess objects in the car;
– do not allow operation of the engine idling longer, than it is necessary. If you expect something (and you are not in a transport stream), switch off the engine and start it, only when you are ready to begin the movement;
– you remember, the car of HYUNDAI does not need the increased warming up of the engine. As soon as the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine becomes stable, you can begin the movement, however, at very low air temperature, let's the engine get warm a little;
– do not "overload" and do not allow excessive increase in frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine. To overload the engine means to move too slowly on too high transfer. Include a low gear.
– use rationally the conditioner as air conditioning system is put in action from energy of the engine therefore its use leads to decrease in fuel profitability.