1.67. The movement in winter conditions

More severe service conditions in winter time result in stronger wear of details and other problems. To minimize problems of winter operation you have to implement the following recommendations.

Movement on snow or ice

The movement on deep snow perhaps requires installation of winter tires or chains of antisliding. In case of need installations of winter tires, it is necessary to choose tires of standard type and the size. Failure to follow this rule can adversely affect safety and controllability of the car. Bystry driving, sharp acceleration, sharp braking or sharp turns are very dangerous. During braking as much as possible use braking by the engine. Sharp braking on the snow-covered and covered with ice roads can lead to a car drift. It is necessary to observe a distance to the car going in front and to press a brake pedal slowly. It should be noted that installation of chains of antisliding will provide big passability, but will not prevent side drifts.

Use of cooling liquid on the basis of high-quality ethylene glycol

In the cooling system of your car of HYUNDAI cooling liquid on the basis of high-quality ethylene glycol is used. In the cooling system it is necessary to fill in only cooling liquid of this kind as it prevents emergence of corrosion in the cooling system, greases the water pump and has the low temperature of freezing.