1.72. Launch of the engine from the rechargeable battery of other car

Start-up by means of connecting cables can become dangerous if it is executed incorrectly. Therefore, for an exception of a trauma of personnel or damage of the car or the battery adhere to the technique given further.

Keep at rather long distance from the battery all sources of a flame or sparks. The battery produces hydrogen which can explode if it is subject to action of a flame or spark. Do not try to launch the engine if the discharged battery froze or if in it the low level of electrolyte, the battery can burst or explode.

The sequence of launch of the engine from the rechargeable battery of other car:

1. Make sure that the auxiliary battery has voltage of 12 V and that its negative plug is grounded.
2. Check electrolyte level in each can of the rechargeable battery.
3. If the auxiliary battery is in other car, do not assume that cars adjoined.
4. Switch off everything unnecessary electric consumers.
5. Connect all cables in the exact sequence shown in the figure 120. At first connect one end of a cable to the positive plug (+) the discharged battery, then the second end of the same cable to the positive plug (+) the auxiliary battery. Further connect one end of the second cable to the negative plug(s) of the auxiliary battery and then the second end to a mass, stationary metal point (for example, to an engine support) besides the battery. Do not connect a cable to moving parts or in their bliz since at start-up they could be damaged. Do not connect a cable from the negative plug of the auxiliary battery to the negative plug(s) of the discharged battery. Do not assume that cables concerned anything except for the corresponding plugs of batteries or the correct grounding. At accession of cables do not bend over the battery.
The sequence of connection of cables at launch of the engine from the rechargeable battery of other car.
6. Launch the car engine from the auxiliary battery and leave it to work with a frequency of rotation of 2000 min.-1. Then launch the car engine with the discharged battery.

If the reason of a discharge of your battery is not obvious, for example, headlights of the car remained incidentally included, you have to hand over the car on check to the authorized dealer of HYUNDAI.