1.73. If the engine overheated

If the arrow of the index of temperature of cooling liquid is in an overheat zone, you feel loss of engine capacity or hear loud hissing or knocks, perhaps the engine overheated. In that case it is necessary to perform the following operations:

– to turn off road and to stop the car in the safe place;
– to transfer the selector to situation "P" ("Parking") (the automatic transmission) or to transfer the gear shifting lever to the provision of neutral transfer and to turn on the parking brake. If the conditioner works, switch off it;
– if cooling liquid flows from under the car or from under a cowl there is steam, switch off the engine. Do not open a cowl until cooling liquid ceases to flow from under the car or from under a cowl couples do not cease to go. If there are no visible signs of a leak of cooling liquid or steam, do not switch off the engine and be convinced that the fan of a radiator of the cooling system works. If it does not work, switch off the engine;
– check a state and a tension of a belt of the drive of the water pump. If a belt as it should be, check lack of leak of cooling liquid from a radiator, cooling system hoses, or from under the car. (If the conditioner was switched on, then after a stop from it cold water can drip is a normal phenomenon);

In operating time of the engine you hold hands, long hair and clothes far from mobile details, such as the fan of a radiator of the cooling system and driving belts for prevention of getting injured.

– if the driving belt or the water pump are faulty, or there is a leak of cooling liquid, immediately switch off the engine and ask for the help the closest official dealer of HYUNDAI;

Do not open a radiator stopper, so far the engine hot. There can be an emission of the boiling cooling liquid, and you can get burns.

– if you cannot find the overheat reason, wait so far temperature of cooling liquid of the engine will not become normal. If there was a leak of cooling liquid, accurately remove a stopper of a radiator and add water to a half mark of level of liquid in a broad tank;
– you watch closely further signs of an overheat. If again there was an engine overheat, ask for the help the official dealer of HYUNDAI.

Strong decrease in level of cooling liquid demonstrates existence of leak in the cooling system. It is necessary to address as soon as possible the official dealer of HYUNDAI for check.