1.75. Emergency towage


Before towage check liquid level in the automatic transmission. If it is below mark "NOTES" ("Hot") in the probe, add liquid. If you cannot add liquid, it is necessary to use the cart for towage.

In case of emergency towage, when there is no an opportunity to use services of the tow truck, you fix a towing cable to one of towing hooks in the lower forward part of the car. Do not try to tow the car in such a way on the road which does not have a covering. It can lead to serious damage of the car. Towage should not be applied this way in case of damage of wheels, a running gear, axes, details of steering or the brake system. Before towage be convinced that the transmission is in neutral situation, and the ignition key in the provision of "ASS" ("The additional equipment") (when the engine does not work) or of the provision of "ON" ("Incl.") (when the engine works). At towage the driver has to be in the car to operate it.

Arrangement of one of towing hooks for emergency towage of the car