11.2. Lower lever of a forward suspension bracket

1 – nut, 35–45 N • m;
2 – nut, 35–45 N • m;
3 – nut, 45–60 N • m;
4 – back support of the engine;
5 – bolt, 30–40 N • m;
6 – stabilizer of cross stability;
7 - lower frame;
8 – bolt, 95–120 N • m;
9 – bolt, 95–120 N • m;
10 – lower lever of a forward suspension bracket;
11 – nut, 60–72 N • m.


1. Remove a forward wheel.
2. Get the forelock from a power shaft, turn off a nut and remove a washer of fastening of a power shaft to a nave of a forward wheel.
3. Weaken a nut of fastening of the spherical hinge of the lower lever, but do not turn out it completely.
4. Turn out two bolts of fastening of the lower part of a rack to a rotary fist.
5. Removing outside a rotary fist, get a power shaft from a nave.
6. A stripper 09568–34000 squeeze out a pin of the spherical hinge from a rotary fist.
7. Temporarily establish the lower bolt of fastening of a rack of a forward suspension bracket.
8. Turn out a nut of fastening of draft of the stabilizer.
9. Turn out a bolt of fastening of the forward party of the lower lever and back bolts of fastening of the plug.
10. Remove the lower lever.


Record draft of the stabilizer a wrench with an open pharynx on 14 mm and screw самоконтрящуюся a nut.


Replacement of the spherical hinge and dustproof cover

1. An edge of the screw-driver remove a dustproof cover from the spherical hinge of the lower lever.
2. Remove a spring ring.
3. The kapron hammer separate the spherical hinge from the lower lever.
4. The special tool press the new spherical hinge in the lower lever.
5. Establish a spring ring.
6. Establish by the special tool a dustproof cover.