12:17. Pump of the amplifier of steering

1 – bolt, 55–60 N • m;
2 – sealing ring of round section;
3 – bolt, 16 N • m;
4 – the soaking-up pipe;
5 – liquid pressure sensor;
6 – pulley;
7 – lock ring;
8 – expansion plug;
9 – a shaft with the bearing;
10 – sealing ring;
11 –;;;;;;;
12 – spring;
13 – internal sealing ring;
14 – external sealing ring;
15 – forward side plate;
16 – blades;
17 – rotor;
18 – pin;
19 – statorny ring;
20 – laying;
21 – back cover;
22 – bolt, 38 N • m.


At service of the oil pump close the generator a polyethylene film.

1. Disconnect a pressure head hose from the pump.
2. Disconnect the soaking-up filter from the socket of absorption and merge liquid in a container.
3. Weaken bolts of fastening of the pump and take off a driving belt.
4. Turn out assembly bolts of fastening of an arm of the pump and disconnect pressure sensor socket.
5. Remove the pump.


1. Remove the soaking-up pipe and a sealing ring from the pump.
2. Remove a back cover with laying and pins.
3. Remove a statorny ring.
4. Remove a rotor and blades.
5. Remove a forward side plate.
6. Remove internal and external sealing rings.
7. Remove a spring.


At assembly it is necessary to use new laying and a sealing ring.

8. Turn off a nut of fastening of a pulley and remove a spring washer.
9. Remove a pulley and a segment spline.
10. Using special flat-nose pliers, remove a lock ring.
11. Squeeze out a pulley shaft with the bearing. If necessary use the kapron hammer.
12. Remove a sealing ring from a pump housing.


At assembly it is necessary to use a new sealing ring.

13. Remove an arm of a guide and turn off nuts.
14. Disconnect the socket from a pump housing and remove a throttle and a spring.
15. Remove a sealing ring from the socket.


You do not make dismantling of a throttle.


1. Clear all details of the pump the corresponding solvent.
2. If there are damaged pump details, replace the pump assembled.
3. If the pulley is damaged or deformed, replace it.
4. If there is leak of liquid about a sealing ring, replace it.
5. If vents of a shaft or a pulley are damaged or worn-out, replace the corresponding details.


1. Install the pump switch.
2. Establish a throttle spring, the valve and the socket in a pump housing.


Grease with a thin layer of ATF DEXRON II liquid all replaced details, including oil consolidation and a sealing ring.

3. Establish an arm of a guide and screw nuts.
4. Establish by the special tool 09222-32100 oil consolidation in a pump housing.
5. Softly insert assembly of a shaft and establish a lock ring.
6. Establish a pump pulley with a segment spline.
7. Establish a spring and internal and external sealing rings.
8. Establish a forward side plate.
9. Insert pins into deepenings of the forward case, then establish a statorny ring, paying attention to the direction of its installation.
10. Establish a rotor so that tags on a rotor settled down from outside, an opposite forward part of the case.
11. Install blades by the rounded-off parts outside.
12. Establish laying and a back cover.
13. Tighten the absorption socket.


1. Install the pump to a pump arm.
2. Install the soaking-up filter.
3. Establish poliklinovy a belt and adjust its tension.
4. Connect a pressure head hose to the pump and the soaking-up filter with a tank.


Establish hoses so that they were not overwound and did not make contact with any other parts.

5. Fill in liquid.

The recommended liquid: PSF–3

6. Pump over the hydraulic drive of the amplifier of steering.
7. Check pressure created by the pump.