12.2. Mechanism of adjustment of a tilt angle of a steering column

1. Install the universal hinge on a shaft of a gear wheel of steering transfer.


If the steering column is equipped with the mechanism of adjustment of a tilt angle, satisfy the following conditions.
Non-performance of these conditions can lead to deformation of an arm of a tilt angle therefore the lever of a tilt angle and a clamp of the lever can be damaged.

2. Before installation check that on an arm there is an opening for a hairpin.

1) If this is so, enshrine the tilt angle lever in the neutral provision and establish a hairpin stopper in an opening, then separate the tilt angle lever.
2) Otherwise, fix the tilt angle lever about neutral situation.
3. Screw the bolt fixing to a steering shaft an U-shaped element of the universal hinge.

Inhaling moment: 15–20 N • m

4. Temporarily screw two assembly bolts.
5. Screw two assembly nuts.

Inhaling moment: 13–18 N • m

6. Tighten the required inhaling moment these two assembly bolts.
7. If the stopper of a hairpin is established, move a steering column to the lower situation.