12.3. Steering transfer without amplifier of steering

1 – tip of steering draft;
2 – collar;
3 – corrugated protective cover;
4 – collar;
5 – lock-nut, 50–70 N • m;
6 – stopper;
7 – spring;
8 – emphasis;
9 – rubber support;
10 – arm;
11 – bolt,
12 - gear lath;
13 – steering transfer;
14 – shaft of a gear wheel of steering transfer;
15 – gear wheel;
16 – sealing ring;
17 – bearing;
18 – lock ring;
19 – hinge, 80–100 N • m;
20 – steering draft;
21 – lock-nut, 50–55 N • m;
22 – nut, 16–34 N • m.


1. Remove a forward wheel.
2. Turn out the bolt connecting the universal hinge and a shaft of a gear wheel of steering transfer.
3. Take forelocks and turn off nuts of fastening of pins of spherical hinges of tips of steering thirsts for rotary fists. A stripper 09568–31000 squeeze out pins of spherical hinges of tips of steering drafts from rotary fists.
4. Remove a back support of the engine.
5. Turn out bolts and remove arms of fastening of steering transfer.
6. Move steering transfer and get it on the right side of the car.


Before dismantling measure the moment necessary for a provorachivaniye of a shaft of a gear wheel of steering transfer on average the provision of a gear lath.

1. Clear steering transfer and fix in a vice which sponges are closed by soft material.


When fastening steering transfer in a vice wrap up steering transfer by fabric and be careful not to damage it at compression of a vice.

2. Remove steering draft.
3. Turn out a stopper lock-nut.
4. The special tool 09565-21100 turn out a stopper.
5. Remove a spring, rubber laying and an emphasis.
6. Remove a protective cover.
7. Remove a sealing ring from a case of steering transfer.
8. Remove a lock ring from a case of steering transfer and get a gear wheel together with the bearing.
9. Remove a lock ring of a cover of bearing knot from a gear wheel.
10. The special tool 09565-21000 get the bearing from a gear wheel.
11. Remove a protective cover.
12. Using a chisel, turn off a nut of fastening of the right steering draft.
13. Move a gear lath completely to a case of transfer and fix a gear lath in a vice which sponges are closed by soft material. Weaken fastening and remove steering draft from steering transfer.
14. Get a gear lath from a case of steering transfer after removal of a gear wheel. 


For an exception of damage of teeths of a gear lath get it on the left side.


Check elements of steering transfer in the places shown in the drawing.



1. Before assembly wash out all details in solvent.
2. The special tool 09432-22000 press the bearing in a gear wheel.
3. Establish a lock ring on a gear wheel.
4. Grease a gear lath, a gear wheel, the plug, the bearing and other surfaces of sliding.

The recommended lubricant: SAE J310a, NLGI No. 2


Do not block lubricant the air channel in the case plug.

5. After installation of a gear lath in a case of steering transfer establish a gear wheel in an opening, having combined it with a gear lath.


Make sure that the gear lath is inserted into a case of steering transfer on the left side.
Wipe excess lubricant.

6. Choose and establish the corresponding type of a lock ring to minimize a side play in the axial direction of a gear wheel.
7. Before installation of a sealing ring grease its working edge.


At installation it is necessary to use a new sealing ring.

8. Establish an emphasis, rubber laying and a spring.


Grease a cup-shaped part of an emphasis.

9. The special tool 09565-21000 screw a stopper.
Tighten a stopper the moment of 11 N • m then tighten on a corner 30 ° –60 °. Fix the provision of a stopper by a lock-nut.

Lock-nut inhaling moment: 50–70 N • m


Regulate the provision of a stopper with steering transfer in neutral situation.
Put a sealant layer between a lock-nut and a case of steering transfer.

10. Establish a tip of steering draft and a protective cover. Fix a cover by new collars.
11. Measure preliminary loading with a protective cover and lubricant, turning a gear wheel the special tool 09565-11100 on one turn each 4–6 pages. Also measure starting effort of a gear lath.

Full preliminary loading of a gear wheel:
±180 ° or it is less from neutral situation: 0,4–1,1 N • m
±180 ° or it is more from neutral situation: 0,3–1,6 N • m
Starting effort of a gear lath: 50–300 N


Preliminary loading of a gear wheel has to be measured on all length of the course of steering transfer.


1. Install the rubber plug of fastening on steering transfer, as shown in the drawing.
2. Establish a gear wheel in gearing and steering transfer and knot of a gear wheel to a cross beam.


Make sure that at installation of steering transfer and gear wheel they are not warped or damaged. Be careful not to delay connection the excessive moment of an inhaling as it warps steering transfer and a gear wheel and increases effort of steering.

3. Tighten a connecting bolt.

Inhaling moment: 15–20 N • m

4. Fix steering drafts on a rotary fist.

Moment of an inhaling of a nut of fastening of a pin of the spherical hinge of steering draft: 16–34 N • m


Combine a nut groove with an opening for the forelock and tighten a nut the required moment.

5. Adjust the angles of installation of wheels.
6. Make sure that the protective cover is not overwound and fix it by a collar.