13:13. Support of a forward brake


1. Remove a forward wheel.
2. Turn out a hollow bolt and disconnect a brake hose from a support.


For an exception of an effluence of brake fluid close an opening in a brake hose a suitable stopper.

3. Turn out bolts of fastening of a support.
4. Remove a support and brake shoes.
5. Turn out bolts of fastening of the holder of a support (2EA) to a rotary fist.
6. Remove the support fastener.


1. Remove a dustproof cover of the piston.
2. Compressed air squeeze out the piston from the support cylinder.


At expression of the piston have no compressed air fingers in front of the piston.
Be careful as from the channel compressed air together with the piston blows brake fluid.

3. An edge of the screw-driver remove a sealing ring from the piston.


1. Check a support for lack of wear, damages, cracks and a rust.
2. Check the piston for lack of a rust, damages, cracks and wear of an external surface.
3. Check the plug and the directing finger for absence of damage and rusts.
4. Check a spring and covers for absence of damage.
5. Check the fastener for lack of wear, damages, cracks and a rust.


Do not use an emery paper for cleaning of a surface of the piston.
All rubber details need to be replaced with new.

6. Measure thickness of a brake disk. Measure by the indicator of hour type a beating of a brake disk at small distance from an outer edge.

Thickness of a brake disk:
Nominal: 19 mm
Minimum admissible: 17 mm
Maximum permissible beating: 0,05 mm.

7. If necessary, replace a brake disk.


1. Clear all details, except for brake shoes, isopropyl alcohol.
2. Apply special lubricant on a sealing ring of the piston and establish it in a piston flute.
3. Collect the piston and covers of the piston in the following order:

– apply special lubricant on support cylinder walls, the external surface of the piston and a cover of the piston;
– establish a piston cover as it is shown in the drawing;
– insert a piston cover into an internal flute of a support and move the piston into a support.
4. Collect mobile details in the following order:

– apply special lubricant on the external surface of the plug, the directing finger and in an opening for the plug and establish protective covers;
– insert covers into support flutes.
5. Establish brake shoes.


Never you apply lubricant on a brake disk and brake shoes.

6. Screw and tighten the required inhaling moment a hollow bolt of fastening of a brake hose.

Inhaling moments:
The directing finger: 34–44 N • m
The sliding bolt: 22–31 N • m
Support fastener bolt: 64–74 N • m
Hollow bolt of fastening of a brake hose: 25–29 N • m


Before installation check that surfaces of bolts and the directing finger are not damaged.
Remove air from the hydraulic drive of the brake system. Several times press a pedal of a brake and check lack of leak of brake fluid.