13.4. Check and adjustment of provision of a pedal of a brake

1. Turn the switch of stoplights before receiving the required gap between the switch and a pedal of a brake then tighten a lock-nut of fixing of the switch.

Gap between a pedal and the switch of stoplights: 0,5–1,0 mm

2. With the switched-off engine press a brake pedal several times to remove any side plays system. A hand press a brake pedal before emergence of notable resistance and measure a free wheeling of a pedal.

Free wheeling of a pedal of a brake: 3–8 mm

3. Start the engine and press a brake pedal by effort 50 kg, and measure distance from a floor to the center of a pillow of a pedal of a brake.

The minimum distance of a pedal of a brake from a floor: 70 mm
When the pedal is completely pressed without brake fluid: 50 mm