13.6. Pumping of hydraulic system of the drive of brakes

1. Uncover a compensation tank with brake fluid.


Brake fluid dissolves paint, plastic and isolation of wires therefore at casual hit of liquid on a paint and varnish covering of the car or its components wash out their large number waters.
When pumping under pressure do not press a brake pedal

2. Turn off a cover from the union of pumping and attach to it one end of a transparent hose, and insert other end of a hose into the glass capacity of sufficient volume half filled with brake fluid.
3. Slowly press a brake pedal several times.
4. At the pressed brake pedal a key weaken the union of pumping and let out the air from hydraulic system. Tighten the union of pumping and release a brake pedal.
5. Repeat operations 3 and 4 until there is a brake fluid without vials of air.
6. Tighten the pumping union.

Inhaling moment: 7–9 N • m

7. You carry out removal of air to the sequences, shown in the drawing.