14.6. Back door

Removal and installation

1. Release a bracket of fastening of the handle of a window regulator and remove the handle. The bracket is released if to insert pure fabric between the handle and an upholstery of a door and, stretching fabric opposite to the ends of a bracket, hook on a bracket and release it. At the same time it is necessary to pull the handle on himself that she after release of a bracket acted from window regulator shaft shlits.
2. Turn out the screw of fastening of the internal handle, then press the handle in the direction of loops of a door and remove it from a door upholstery.
3. Turn out screws of fastening of an upholstery of a door.
4. Insert a door upholstery stripper between an upholstery of a door and a door and release percussion caps.
5. Remove an upholstery of a door and lower glass.
6. Turn out screws of fastening of glass to a window regulator plate.
7. Turn out screws and a bolt of fastening of a back guide of glass.
8. Remove motionless glass from a back door.
9. Remove mobile glass from a back door.
10. Remove an external moisture protective strip from a back door.
11. Turn out screws and remove a window regulator. Disconnect draft from the internal handle of a door.
12. Remove a latch of a door and the modulator of the door lock.
13. Remove the external handle.
14. Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.