14.8. Roof hatch

1 – the laying leveling the top part of the hatch with glass;
2 – finishing of the hatch with glass;
3 – hatch hinge;
4 – moisture protective consolidation;
5 – glass panel of the hatch;
6 – mechanism of opening of the hatch.


1. Before removal of the hatch remove the following elements:

– a lamp from the top console;
– sun-protection peaks and internal rear-view mirror;
– upholstery of a forward rack;
– handle of opening of the hatch.
2. Remove knot of a light-protective blenda from hatch glass.
3. Remove hatch glass from the frame hinge.
4. Remove the hatch deflector.
5. Remove a frame of the handle of the hatch and the support plate of the handle.
6. Remove the hatch frame hinge.
7. Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.
8. At installation of finishing of the hatch be convinced that there is no gap between finishing and a ceiling.