15:11. Oil for conditioner compressor lubricant

Oil for lubricant of the compressor of the conditioner circulates in system during the operation of the compressor. When replacing any element of the air conditioning system at considerable leak of coolant add oil that its volume remained at the initial level to system.

Oil volume: 140–160 cm3

Condition of oil

1. Oil should not contain moisture, dust, metal particles, etc.
2. Do not mix oil of various types.
3. Oil moisture content increases if it remains open on air a long time. After oil use the container with oil needs to be closed immediately hermetically.

To check the level of oil or to add oil it is necessary during the operation of the engine at a frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine idling and with a high frequency of rotation of the fan.

When replacing elements of system be convinced that added only a certain volume of oil.

The volume of the oil added when replacing:
Evaporator: 40 cm3
Condenser: 25 cm3
Dryer / receiver: 40 cm3
Compressor: 30 cm3
Tubes: 15 cm3