15:16. Check of the compressor on the car

1. Install manometers to the highway.
2. Check a compressor drive belt tension.
3. Start the engine, leave to work at the frequency of rotation of bent shaft 1500 mines-1.
4. Check the compressor for existence of the following defects:

– the low indication of the manometer, however, is not lower demanded, and the high indication of the manometer, however, is not higher than demanded;
– metal sound;
– leaks from consolidation of a shaft.

With any defect it is necessary to repair the compressor.
5. Check the electromagnetic coupling:

– lift the car;
– examine press a disk and a rotor on availability lubricant on them;
– check the coupling bearing for existence of noise and leak of lubricant;
– measure by an ohmmeter coil resistance.

If resistance differs from demanded, replace the coil:

– give an additional wire tension from the positive plug of the rechargeable battery on contact of the socket of the coil, at the same time the electromagnetic coupling has to be excited.

If the electromagnetic coupling is not excited, replace the coil.

Coil resistance: 3,11±0,08 Ohms at 12,8 B and 20 °C