15:17. Sensor of threefold (double) pressure

The sensor of threefold (double) pressure represents the combined switch of low pressure (to check amount of coolant), average pressure (for turning on of the fan of the condenser) and high pressure (for prevention of an overheat).

The sensor is installed in an exhaust pipe and when pressure becomes approximately equal to 200 kPa or less, the condenser fan, thus excepting a compressor overheat is switched off. When pressure reaches 1400 kPa, the condenser fan is switched off, thus consumption of energy by it is prevented. When pressure reaches 3214 kPa, the compressor is switched off.


1. Discharge the air conditioning system.
2. Disconnect the socket from the threefold (double) sensor of pressure.
3. Turn out the threefold (double) sensor of pressure.


1. Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal.
2. Pump out, load and check the air conditioning system.