15.5. Check of the elements of air conditioning system established on the car

1. Check condenser plates for lack of a contamination and damage. If plates are hammered, purify their stream waters under pressure.


Be careful not to damage a plate.

2. Make sure that the belt of the drive of the compressor of the conditioner is established correctly.
3. Check a conditioner compressor drive belt tension. If the belt slips on pulleys, productivity of the air conditioning system and service life of a belt will decrease.
To avoid it, it is necessary to observe the following procedure of service of a belt:

– any belt which worked not less than 30 min. is considered the used belt;
– check a belt tension in the ordered service intervals.

Check a belt tension, having pressured him by effort 98 N in the place located on identical removal from pulleys and measure a belt deflection.

Conditioner compressor drive belt deflection when checking a tension:
After work of a belt: 8 mm
The used belt: 6–7 mm
New belt: 5–5,5 mm

4. Start the engine.
5. Turn on the air conditioning system, having pressed the A/C switch. Check operation of the air conditioning system in all provisions of the switch of operating modes of the fan.
6. Check operation of the electromagnetic coupling.
7. Check the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine idling. At turning on of the electromagnetic coupling the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine has to increase.
8. Check operation of the fan of the condenser.
9. If cooling is absent or it is not enough, check the air conditioning system for leaks.