15.8. Charging of the air conditioning system


Charging of the air conditioning system through the party with low pressure coolant is given in gaseous state. When the cooling container is placed on the right side, coolant will log in as steam.

1. Connect the station of service of the air conditioning system, as shown in the drawing.
2. Open the valve of low pressure and adjust it so that the manometer of low pressure showed pressure no more than 412 kPa.
3. Place a container with coolant in the water heated to temperature no more than 40 °C to support vapor pressure in a container a little above, than vapor pressure in system.
4. Start the engine in the mode of the accelerated idling and turn on the conditioner.


Make sure that you support a container rack to interfere with hit of liquid coolant through the party with the low pressure as at the same time damage of the compressor of the conditioner is possible.

5. Load system with precisely assigned amount of coolant and close the delivery valve.

Amount of coolant: 575 – 625 g