16:10. Check of specific weight of electrolyte

1. Specific weight of accumulator electrolyte changes with a temperature. Temperature increase leads to reduction of specific weight and vice versa.
2. Specific weight of electrolyte of completely charged rechargeable battery has to be in limits between 1,260 and 1,280, at a temperature of 26,7 °C. Adjustment of specific weight has to be carried out by addition of 0,04 points for each 5,56 °C higher than temperature of 26,7 °C or subtraction of 0,04 points for each 5,56 °C lower than temperature of 26,7 °C.
For example:

Indications of the areometer – 1,280 at a temperature of 5.56 °C.

According to a difference of temperatures it is necessary to modify specific weight on 0,028 points. True specific weight is equal to 1,252.


Distinction in the specific weight of electrolyte on 50 and more points between banks of the rechargeable battery indicates that the battery is faulty and it needs to be replaced.