16.9. Rechargeable battery

The rechargeable battery is a device for storage of energy in a chemical form which can be used further as electricity.

The rechargeable battery works thanks to the fact that two various metals, being in acid solution, create potential difference therefore electric current is developed.

1. On cars unattended rechargeable batteries are installed.
2. In the rechargeable battery it is not required to add the distilled water.
3. The battery is completely tight except for small air vents in a cover.

Testing of the rechargeable battery

1. Check a condition of the rechargeable battery for lack of external damages which could lead to electrolyte loss. Define the damage reason. Clear the rechargeable battery soda solution in water.
2. Replace the battery
3. Check the specific weight of electrolyte.
4. Enter the amendment of specific weight depending on electrolyte temperature.
5. More than 1,100

Slowly charge the rechargeable battery.

You do exercises current no more than 5 And within 14 hours, then check the battery under loading.
6. 1,100–1,220

Recharge the battery.

Pay attention to process of charging and precautionary measure.
7. More than 1,220

Check the battery under loading.
8. Check the battery under loading.
9. Discharge the battery current of a discharge 200 A during 15 with, then check battery tension
10. More, than 9,6 B

Battery as it should be.
11. 9,6-6,5 B

Do bystry battery charging, then check it under loading.

If battery tension still less than 9,6 In the ambassador of repeated charging and discharge, it it is necessary to replace.

12. Less than 6,5 In

Replace the rechargeable battery.