4.1. Specifications

Cooling system

Tight, with compulsory circulation of liquid and the electric fan of a radiator
Volume of cooling liquid 6,0 l
The cooling ability of a radiator 38000 Kcal/hour
Radiator cover Valve of excessive pressure 81,4–108 kPa
The valve of the lowered pressure – 6,86 kPa
Thermostat temperature began opening 88 °C
temperature of full opening 100 °C
valve stroke 8 mm
Identification tag 88
Drive of the water pump Poliklinova belt
Resistance of the sensor of temperature of cooling liquid 2,31–2,59 Ohm at 20 °C
146,9–147,3 Ohm at 110 °C

Cooling liquid

Antifreeze Content of antifreeze in cooling liquid
Ethylene glycol 50%