4.8. Radiator

1 – a hose of the oil heater of cars with the automatic transmission;
2 – lower support;
3 – lower hose of a radiator;
4 – top support;
5 – radiator cover;
6 – discharge tube;
7 – top hose of a radiator;
8 – broad tank.


1. Disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery and I will corrode from the radiator fan engine.
2. Install the handle of adjustment of temperature in interior of the car on the maximum temperature.
3. Turn out a discharge stopper on a radiator and merge cooling liquid in a suitable container.
4. Weaken collars and disconnect the top and lower hoses from a radiator.
5. On cars with the automatic transmission disconnect hoses from the oil heater.


For an exception of an effluence of transmission liquid and hit of dirt in system, close the ends of hoses of the oil heater suitable caps.

6. Turn out bolts of fastening of a radiator.
7. Remove a radiator together with the radiator fan.
8. Remove the fan engine from a radiator.


1. Check for lack of the bent radiator plates. If necessary, using a hairbrush, straighten platinum.
2. Check a radiator for lack of cracks, damages and lack of leaks.
3. Check radiator hoses for lack of cracks, damages and attritions.
4. Check a broad tank for absence of damage.
5. Check a radiator cover.
6. Check pressure of opening of the valve of a cover of a radiator.
7. Check laying of a cover of a radiator for lack of cracks and damages.

Check of the engine of the fan of a radiator

1. Check that the engine of the fan of a radiator rotates when giving of tension on it from the rechargeable battery.
2. Check that during the operation of the engine there are no extraneous noises.


1. Installation is carried out to the sequences, the return to removal. Fill in necessary amount of the required cooling liquid in the cooling system.
2. Launch the engine and leave it to work until the thermostat valve opens, then stop the engine.
3. Uncover a radiator and to add cooling liquid to the upper edge of a mouth of a radiator.
4. Check lack of leaks from the cooling system.