6.16. Adjustment of frequency of rotation of idling

Adjustment conditions

Headlights, the electric fan of a radiator and all electric consumers have to be switched off, and the transmission has to be installed in neutral situation.

1. The engine has to be heated-up up to the temperature of cooling liquid of 80-95 °C.
2. No more than on 5 with increase the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft to 2000-3000min-1.
3. Then let's the engine work idling within 2 min.
4. Determine idling rotation frequency by a tachometer. If the frequency of rotation differs from demanded, adjust it, rotating the adjusting screw of frequency of idling No. SAS-1.

Do not rotate the SAS-2 screw which defines a side play between a butterfly valve and the lever, and it is precisely adjusted by production of the car. If this adjustment is broken, adjustment of provision of a butterfly valve and adjustment of the starting arrangement cannot be executed rather precisely.