6.18. Check and adjustment of the starting arrangement

Check conditions

Temperature of cooling liquid has to be 80-95 °C.

Headlights, the electric fan of a radiator and all electric consumers have to be switched off.

The transmission has to be installed in neutral situation.

On cars with the amplifier of steering forward wheels have to be established for the movement directly forward.

1. Launch the engine and leave it to work at the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft idling.
2. Open a butterfly valve to a full speed of draft until the free lever contacts with SAS-3.
3. Close a butterfly valve before contact of SAS-2 and the free lever and at this moment check rotation frequency.
4. If necessary adjust the starting arrangement, rotating the SAS-3 screw.
5. Separate the free lever and then check that the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine slowly comes back to idling rotation frequency.