9.2.14. Removal and installation of the transmission


1. Disconnect, first of all, a wire from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery, then - from positive. Turn out a drain stopper and merge in suitable capacity gearbox oil from the transmission.
2. Remove the case of the air filter.
3. Weaken collars and disconnect hoses of giving and return of transmission liquid to a radiator.


For a hit exception in the transmission of dirt and dust close openings suitable traffic jams.

4. Remove a cable of control of the transmission.
5. Remove a speedometer drive cable.
6. Disconnect electric sockets from the generator of impulses, the switch of ranges of the transmission, the switch of the servo-driver of compulsory inclusion of a low gear, the electromagnetic valve and the sensor of temperature of transmission liquid.
7. Turn out bolts of fastening of the top part of the transmission to the engine.
8. Support by special adaptation the engine so that the weight of the engine was perceived by adaptation.
9. Disconnect the stabilizer of cross stability, connecting draft, the spherical hinge of the lower lever and power shafts.
10. Turn out connecting hinged bolts of the transmission and assembly bolts of fastening of returnable pipes.
11. Turn out bolts and remove the lower frame.
12. Remove a starter.
13. Turn out bolts of fastening of the transmission.
14. Take away the transmission from the engine.
15. Remove the transmission from the car.


At installation of the transmission it is necessary to observe the sequence of installation of arms.

1) Arm of support of the engine.
2) Top arm of the transmission.
3) Back arm.
4) Forward arm.


Install the hydrotransformer on a forward part of the transmission and install the transmission to the engine.


If to install the hydrotransformer at first on the engine, at installation of the transmission the sealing ring of the transmission can be damaged.