9.2.4. Reading of codes of malfunctions

With use of the HI-SCAN scanner
1. Switch off ignition.
2. Connect the HI-SCAN scanner to the diagnostic socket.
3. Include ignition.
4. On the HI-SCAN scanner consider codes of malfunctions.
5. Eliminate malfunction.
6. Erase diagnostic codes of malfunction.
7. Disconnect the HI-SCAN scanner from the diagnostic socket.
With use of the voltmeter
8. Switch off ignition.
9. Connect the voltmeter to contact of 1 diagnostic socket.
10. Connect a L-wire to contact of the 15th diagnostic socket.
11. The sample of an exit is shown on the voltmeter.
12. Consider diagnostic codes of malfunctions.
13. Erase diagnostic codes of malfunctions.