9.2.7. Check of level of liquid in the automatic transmission

1. Start the engine before warming up of the transmission up to the temperature of 60 ~ 70 °C.
2. Install the car on a plain horizontal surface.
3. At the working engine press a pedal of a brake and consistently move the selector lever from a position N to all positions then establish it in a position N, holding the lever in each position no more than 3 pages.
4. Before extraction of the probe wipe from dirt area about the probe. Get the probe and check a condition of transmission liquid. Check color of liquid in the automatic transmission. Check liquid in the automatic transmission for presence of unusual smells. For definition of change of color and a smell of liquid compare it to fresh liquid.

5. Check the liquid level which has to be between HOT tags. If necessary add necessary amount of the required liquid.

Liquid type for the automatic transmission: GENUINE DIAMOND ATF SP-II

Low level of liquid can be the reason of many malfunctions as air gets to liquid and a suspension of liquid with air becomes compressed that leads to chaotic change of pressure and violation of work of couplings and tape brakes.

Also increased level of liquid leads to the fact that the rotating gear wheels of the transmission shake up foam which results in the same results, as the air which got to transmission liquid.